A tasty variety of toasted garlic bread

A tasty variety of toasted garlic bread

Photo and text by Panos Diotis and Mirella Kaloglou

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A tasty variety of garlic bread! You can serve it as an appetizer or as a side for salads and pasta!

Little Cooking Tips A tasty variety of toasted garlic bread


- 2 baquettes (2 long loafs of french bread)
- 4 tablespoons of soft butter (or margarine)
- 2 big garlic cloves, crushed
- oregano

Suggested ingredients (optional)
- 100-150gr/3.5-5.3oz Dubliner cheese, grated *
- 12-15 olives
- 50gr/1.8oz feta cheese
- 5 slices of Italian mortadella (Bologna sausage / boloney), cut in quarters

* You cam also use any other hard yellow cheese you prefer. We don't suggest however cheddar and parmesan.


Add the butter and the garlic in a bowl and stir very well, until you get a beautiful smooth mixture.
Slice the bread into 2-3cm/0.8-1inch pieces in a slightly diagonal manner (width-wise in order to get oval discs).
Spread the garlic butter (use it as a base), and create the variety by adding the ingredients, in any desired combination.
We suggest the following:
a) Simple and nice, adding just the garlic butter and little dry oregano,
b) adding the garlic butter, oregano and Dubliner cheese,
c) adding garlic butter, feta, oregano and Dubliner,
d) adding galric butter, slices of olives, oregano and Dubliner, 
e) adding garlic butter, mortadella (or boloney), oregano and Dubliner.

Broil for 1 minute and enjoy them!

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