Little Cooking Tips is now on Yummly as well!

Little Cooking Tips is now on Yummly as well!


Photo and text by Mirella Kaloglou & Panos Diotis.

Yep! We are really excited to tell you that you can now find us on Yummly as well!

Yummly is a huge repository of delicious recipes with an easy interface that allows you to bookmark the recipes you like in your own Recipe Box. All you have to do is sign up up with your Facebook or Google account and you're good to go. You will really appreciate the millions of recipes existing on the site, which can also be sorted into your own personal collections. The best part is that you can filter recipes by cuisine, cooking techniques, vegetarian, allergies, etc.

You can see the relative orange "Y" icon under each recipe (see image below). Clicking this button well allow you to save the recipe in your own Yummly recipe box. This way you can check the recipe later or share it with your friends. So, you check out our recipes and "Yum" those you find interesting. Really convenient, isn't it?

You can also visit our profile on Yummly to see how the recipes are presented:

We think you'll enjoy this new feature here in Little Cooking Tips!



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