EuroVanille: An amazing, affordable vanilla extract from France


Photo and text by Mirella Kaloglou & Panos Diotis.

It's been awhile since our last product review (it was about a wonderful mustard from Belgium) and we felt that we need to share another amazing product that we tried: EuroVanille vanilla extract!

This is by far one of the best vanilla products we have ever tried. The flavor is truly authentic, which is proof of its natural way of manufacturing. We tried EuroVanille in countless recipes, like cakes, crème Brule, custards, syrups, cookies, ice creams and many many more, and honestly can’t have enough of it.

Little Cooking Tips - Eurovanille vanilla extract article

Many people are often asking us: what is the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence? Well, the extract, like the one we are talking about, is a natural product, made from vanilla beans, so it contains all the natural flavors of the vanilla. The vanilla essence on the other hand is a manufactured product, which contains chemically synthesized vanillin, the main component of the vanilla extract. Since vanilla essence is produced artificially, the aroma is not the same. It’s a lot cheaper, so it’s perhaps more convenient for mass production of let’s say cookies, but the flavor does have a “synthetic” aftertaste. So, in terms of quality we prefer to pay a little more extra and buy something with more flavor, which is authentic, like this vanilla extract. Plus, the EuroVanille extract is also affordable. We paid about 5€ and it’s on a 75ml bottle, so it’s a lot of quantity, since most of the times you will only need between a few drops and a teaspoon (5ml) - per recipe.

Inside the package, there is a wonderful leaflet with three recipes as well! One for flour-less creamy custard, one for cod fillets and one for scallops! Very interesting, isn’t it? The instructions on the leaflet are in 6 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and German, so you they covered most of the popular ones. :)

Like they mention in this leaflet, vanilla extract must be stored away from light, so keep the bottle in the original packaging after you open it up.

Little Cooking Tips - Eurovanille vanilla extract article

If you’re looking for a true, authentic and flavorful vanilla for your recipes, this extract is a must-have!

We found the EuroVanille extract in the Greek's Delhaize super markets subsidiary, "Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos" (Tel: +30 210 66 08 000).

EuroVanille is produced in France, here's their info (check out their wonderful website):
Email: [email protected] / facebook:

This article is not sponsored by EuroVanille or any retailer, is not a paid advertisement or part of any affiliate marketing program. Meaning: We really enjoyed the product and are writing our own opinion without compensation.


EuroVanille: An amazing, affordable vanilla extract from France



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