5 Dips you Need to Think about Before your Super Bowl Party

5 Dips you Need to Think about Before your Super Bowl Party


Photo and text by Mirella Kaloglou and Panos Diotis

Super Bowl snacks? From a Greek couple living in Greece? Really? How come? Well, there are two reasons for this:

The first -and the most important one- is that Super Bowl is a very big thing for all our friends in the States. We totally get that, it's a great tradition and much like in Thanksgiving, friends and/or family will enjoy lots of good food and have some laughs while celebrating the game on the screen. It's actually a wonderful idea!

The second reason for this article is that a similar thing takes place here in Europe as well, in the Champions League Final, or any other major football event, such as the UEFA European Championship or the FIFA World Cup. The difference is, there's no great big tradition about it here like in the Super Bowl. People may get together to see the game at a friend's (or family's) house, but it's not happening in a really massive scale. People may also gather in public places, such as central squares and watch the game at a big city screen as well.

In both sides of the Atlantic however, we both want to enjoy a game while having some great snacks! Anyone likes to have another excuse (like we all really need any) to taste some yummy food, drink a few beers or some wine and have a great time with friends and family!

So, we put together 5 delicious recipes for dips/spreads from our blog, which you really need to think about before your Super Bowl party!

They're all Greek or Greek style dips and spreads and are perfect to serve with grilled meats or veggies! You can also serve them as a starter with some crackers, broiled bread slices, bread sticks, French fries or celery and carrot sticks!

The advantage of making those dips is that you can make them ahead! They will actually taste better if you chill them overnight and take them out right before you serve them!

Choose any of those, and your guests will love you for that! Are you going to another house for the game? Make some of those ahead (the previous evening), give them a quick stir in the next day and take them with you. Your hosts will appreciate it!

So here's our yummy dips and spreads list:

1. Authentic Tzatziki 

Perhaps the most popular Greek appetizer worldwide, this can be used as condiment for grilled pork, gyros, lamb, grilled or fried vegetables. It's also amazing with French fries or toasted bread or rusks.
Did we mention that it's SUPER EASY to make this? Yep! You can make this even right before the game, and even though the flavors won't have developed that much, it will still taste delicious!
And there's another great advantage for using this: It's SUPER HEALTHY! All the ingredients are good for your body, so you won't have any guilt for eating lots of it:)
Click here for the recipe

2. Garlicky beet and Greek yogurt spread (Pantzarosalata)

If you liked tzatziki above, but you want to serve something more interesting in terms of looks and texture, then make this spread instead: Pantzarosalata!
Equally healthy (perhaps even more than tzatziki, due to the antioxidants from the beets), this is a delicious dip, which is served mostly in the winter, when the beets are fresh. You can also use canned beets however, and make this all year round.
You can serve this with grilled meat, grilled or fried veggies, rusks, toasted bread, bread sticks or even crackers.
You'll love the flavors in this dip, and its vivid purple color is definitely going to make everyone want to try it out!:)
Click here for the recipe

3. Creamy, garlicky roast pepper dip 

Yes. We know. There are tons of roast pepper dips and spreads out there. Why should you try that one? For two reasons.
The first one is that in this recipe, you will find out how you can actually use a fresh pepper, roast it, and make the spread. If you do that, the dip will be so much tastier!

Even if you opt out though and buy a jar with roast peppers, there’s second reason to try that one: we used both cream cheese AND Greek yogurt and the texture of this dip...well it's really something you should try out!
The flavors from the garlic and the smoked paprika take this dip to a whole new level. We actually got a lot of amazing comments from people who tried that one out, so we really think you should serve this in your Super Bowl party!

You can serve this with bread sticks, rusks, toasted bread, French fries or carrot and celery sticks (if you prefer a healthier option). It's the perfect party appetizer; we guarantee there won't be any of it left on the bowl:)
Click here for the recipe

4. Homemade eggplant dip (Melitzanosalata / Greek style Baba Ganoush

Baba ganoush is one of the most popular dishes of the Middle Eastern cuisine, and rightfully so. It's amazing how many delicious variations there are for this yummy dish. Greece may not be located in the Middle East, but has many influences in its cuisine from there.
This resulted in many Greek versions of the same dip, all called Melitzanosalata (literally meaning eggplant "salad").

In this recipe, we made a creamier version than the traditional melitzanosalata; we added mayonnaise. The result was a smoother in texture dip wichwas way better than the chunkier traditional one. Plus, we added mustard which enhanced the flavor!
If you like baba ganoush, make sure to try that one out! It'll be the hit of the party!

And it's really not hard to prepare this, all you have to do is broil or bake eggplants (to make them soft). When ready, you simply mix the ingredients in a food processor and you're good to go!
Click here for the recipe

5. Creamy, spicy hummus with Greek yogurt and Paprika Pita Chips!

Are you looking for a quick, make ahead dip recipe? Look no further:) This delicious creamy hummus with garam masala and Greek yogurt is really something else! Whenever we make and serve this, we know it'll be devoured within a few minutes! And it's always much better if you make this the evening before! Chill overnight and it will allow the flavors to develop, making this even yummier!

If you don't have garam masala or can't find it, click here [] and check at the Tips section to see how you can make some at home. Store it in a jar in a dry place, and you'll be using it in stews, soups and many many more dishes!
The paprika pita chips are also extremely easy to make, so it's highly likely that you'll be using them often as a snack after you read this recipe:) Oh, did we mention that those pita chips are also fantastic with ANY of the aforementioned dips? 
Click here for the recipe

Have an amazing, yummy Super Bowl Sunday! xo



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