4 Traditional Greek Recipes you need to try out!

4 Traditional Greek Recipes


Photos and text by Mirella Kaloglou & Panos Diotis.


Are you looking for authentic, traditional Greek recipes? Searching for summer lunch or dinner ideas? Then this post is just for you! 
We compiled a small collection with 4 favorite Greek summer recipes that we love to cook every year. These are amongst the most popular posts of our blog, and the ones we get raving reviews for.
All of them are really super yummy and with our step by step instructions you'll be able to prepare them perfectly at your first try! 
The list consists of: a world famous salad, two delicious appetizers (which can be also served as a main) and a star main dish that will blow your mind.
Let's see which are these dishes:

Greek "Horiatiki" salad: Needless to say more! This is the authentic version, the way it is served in every home in Greece. The traditional, non-modernized dish.

Greek Horiatiki salad

Kayianas (Kagianas or Strapatsada): A fast and easy recipe that's ideal for any busy weekday. With eggs, tomato and onions, and served with feta cheese, this is a perfect Greek summer dish. Can be served either as breakfast, appetizer or a main dish, which is something very common here, for people who are returning from the beach in the afternoon.

Kagianas or Strapatsada

Moussaka: Anyone visiting Greece during summer has probably tried this delicious dish. It takes a little time to prepare, but the result is so rewarding! Made with eggplants, ground beef and a creamy cheesy bechamel sauce on top, no one can resist to this awesome comfort food! You can also double the ingredients described in the recipe to bake on a larger dish, in order to feed a large family.


Zucchini and feta fritters: An ideal recipe for the summer, served either as a main dish or as an appetizer. An amazing combination of zucchinis, feta cheese and spearmint. This recipe is one you will be making over and over again. We love serving this with Horiatiki and/or tzatziki.

Zucchini and feta fritters

Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do :) Have a beautiful, relaxing and tasty summer!



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